About Us

We Make Renting in Ghana Affordable and Accessible for All!


A True Initiative for Ghanaians, by Ghanaians..!

Rent Masters is a wholly owned Ghanaian company formed in 2018 to correct a Rent Advance problem that has placed an undue financial burden on Ghanaians for many many years.

Rent Masters has a singular objective and that is to Make Renting in Ghana affordable and accessible for all Ghanaian renters without any equivocation. Our goal is to implement this scheme in all 16 regions of Ghana and offer our services to any Ghanaian adult who is employed with a company or self employed and can make monthly affordable rent payments.

Rent Masters is made up a team of experienced account managers, relationship managers, customer support personnel, attorneys and field agents to help you through your renting needs and also help manage the rental relationship with property managers and landlords.

Our Vision

Long-term Vision

Completely eliminating the undue burden that advance rent places on the Ghanaian renter.

We make Rent Advance a thing of the Past

Once we pay your rent advance, you will never ever have to worry about rent advance ever in the future

We're a together on a winning Team

Together, we will work to demand better renting amenities, relationships with landlord and a good renting experience

Why We Exist

Ghanaians have been burdened with payment of Rent Advances for far too long. Landlords and property owners have demanded advance payments of rent in excess of 3 years from potential renters.


This undue burden has been partly due to shortage of affordable housing as both government and private developers have been unable to construct enough of these type of housing to accommodate the growth and demand for these types of housing needs.


It is currently estimated that there exists a deficit of about 5 million rooms in Ghana as of December 2022; assuming each room is shared by 2 occupants. And this deficit is expected to get worse as the population grows and rural-urban migration continues.


Based on these factors, Rent Masters was formed to offer rent relief to the ordinary Ghanaian renter; making it possible for rent payments to be made on monthly basis as rent is mostly paid throughout the world.


Our Core Objective Is To Remove The Financial Burden of Rent Advance Permanently

Rent Masters GA 0414468; Kotobabi Road, Accra Ghana | 020-770-5339 | 055-923-4771 | info@rent-masters.com