Best Idea Ever...! My commute to work was far and didn't have bulk money to rent a new place.. now with Rent Masters, i live 30 minutes from work and my rent is 375 cedis a month Closer to family I needed to find help for the kids.. with help from Rent Masters, I was able to rent a two bedroom self compound closer to Mum.. now, the kids are happy, i get Mum to help, and my monthly rent is very affordable. Affordable Monthly Payments After we had our second son John, we knew we had to find a more spacious apartment, but rent advance was a huge problem for us..Rent Masters helped us rent a 3 bedroom apartment at Adenta and each of the boys have their own room. Way to go Rent Masters... More time with hubby... My name is Angela, and my issue was spending too much time commuting from and to work.. and we didn't have enough money to pay rent advance at a new place..Now, thanks to Rent Masters, i live closer to work and my daughter attends a great school and i spend more time with hubby.... Game on.... After been promoted to VP of marketing, i needed to be at the office on time.. it was my time to shine. Living in Dansoman and working in Tema was unbearable. Rent Masters help me secure a nice apartment at Community 4 with an affordable monthly rent. Proud of Rent Masters...

Welcome to Rent Masters

Rent Masters pays rent advances for all qualified applicants who are in the process of renting a room, an apartment or a complete house. Our services allow renters to make monthly affordable rent payments.

To qualify, an applicant must show proof of employment (3 months payslips), proof of income (3 months official bank statements or mobile money statements) or an audited financial statements (for business owners).

An applicant must also complete an online or paper application form, submit 2 forms of national identifications and pay an application processing fee of 100 cedis.

If an application is approved, Rent Masters will arrange with your chosen landlord and pay the rent advance directly and sign all required tenancy documentation.

Tenant takes possession of the rental property thereafter and rent payment is always due on the 1st of each month.


Fast & Easy Application Process


Years of paying rent advances


Customers Rent Paid

Submit an Application

Submit an application with 3 months payslips, 3 months bank statements or mobile money statements, 2 forms of IDs, and 100 cedis application processing fee

Get Approved

Rent Masters will verify your application and supporting documents, determine your affordability and ability to pay back. We make a decision of your application within 5-10 business days.

Your Rent Advance Paid..!

On approval, Rent Masters will contact your landlord, inspect the rental property and pay the rent advance directly to the landlord

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